We want to contribute to the success of your business by offering you practical, hands-on experience in various fields and industries. Our expertise will contribute that your business is developing in the best and most efficient manner.

Having gone through many industries in various companies on a CEO/CFO and Board level we are very familiar with different challenges and possible solutions for various issues lying ahead. Our +40 year long experience in dealing with strategic questions will benefit you going forward.



Sometimes, situations arise that need immediate, dedicated and concen-trated attention. Through our own operational experience, we know what's important. We are not "a consulting firm" but we know the steps from development to implementation from our own experience.

Our selective approach in choosing projects allows us to truly focus on your needs in such situations. We ourselves take charge - no one else.

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We encourage you to direct your questions or interest to us - just send us a message. Needless to say that you will not incur any costs prior to having agreed on a project plan.

The first step is to have a vision and mission from which a strategy is derived. This strategy then is translated into a business plan with a clear and unambiguous investment case or equity story. All this needs to appeal to the other side of the table and it should be made sure, that both sides speak the same language and have the same understanding of the matter at hand. Once this is done, half of the rent is paid. The other half is how to deliver, how to present and how to interact. Get the best support from us "to speak the same language".


We get you started with the coaching on strategy, business plan, investor pitching and how to deliver the message.

Having a business idea is great. Having plans on how to capitalize on the idea is even better. However, sometimes there is a difference between what you think your project can do and what the other side of the table perceives what your project could do.  Therefore, it is of importance that anything with regards to messaging and positioning is alinged such that the recipient is on the same page as you.


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Iris Maria Welten

Over 20 years International experience in the U.S., Asia and Europe in large stock exchange listed companies in leading Group Corporate functions, as CEO and Board member. Experience in 6 industries, management of 9 units and leadership of 8 country representatives.

Harry Welten

Over 20 years international experience as banker in the U.S. and Switzerland. CFO, Chairman and Board member in life sciences. Raised more than CHF 320 mio. through venture capital rounds, M&A, IPO and capital markets in Europe and the U.S.. Experience in Biotech, Pharma and Med Tech.



In-depth & hands-on experience

  • Strategy development
  • Shareholder structure & activism & proxy voting
  • Corporate governance
  • Change management
  • Organizational structure
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Public management
  • Investor relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Key account management
  • Linking politics & economy
  • Fund raising in equity (IPO, PIPE, follow-on, etc.)
  • Fund raising in public (bond) and private (loans) debt
  • M&A and restructuring
  • NASDAQ and SIX listing
  • Start-up coaching
  • Risk management
  • Corporate finance & legal
  • IT & human resources

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