Attention and presence within, with others and with the system.

Our customized approach provides the feedback, accountability, challenge, and support necessary to achieve sustainable performance and drive long-term business results.


No other organisation has as exceptionally qualified mindful leadership instructors. Iris Welten is an experienced senior corporate leader and trained professional who understand your unique corporate challenges. Out of her own experience as a CEO and Board Member as well as a certified Yoga teacher as well as certified in Mindful Leadership she coaches based on her own experiences combining the corporate and the mindful worlds. She is deeply experienced in leading and working in fast-paced and complex business environments as as expert and versatile in coaching at the individual, team, and systemic levels.


We coach your executives.

Often leaders do not see themselves as others do. With the feedback your leaders will receive via our assessment process, they will clearly see how they are perceived in the workplace.

Personalized Learning.

This personalized learning approach will help leaders through conflict, difficult realationships, limitations and organisational change. It will ultimately help them become effective leaders.



Through our training based on Neuroscience and dynamic exercises we train your leaders "hands-on" by them making their own experience to learn and believe.

Your leaders will gain skill building around leadership styles, decision-making, problem solving, directing, delegating, communicating and influencing and motivating employees. We teach your leaders to create environments and opportunities that support long-term professional growth and build skills that drive vision, alignment and execution.



Is it no longer sufficient that leaders are able to manage people and processes. They must also be able resilient enough to effectively use their minds to manage their emotions, reactions and decisions in challenging business situations - and to help the people they manage to do the same. Mindfulness can not only improve employee satisfaction, innovation and retention but there is growing research around the benefits of mindfulness.


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