Get the best support.

Benefit from our +40 years international senior executive experience with our ambition to grow your business successfully. As we are entrepreneurs ourselves we know what the critical elements of success are and what needs to be done to have the right ingredients for success.

All our efforts circle around serving our clients’ needs. Our customer focus is a strong contributor to the overall success of your business and involves ensuring that all aspects in our efforts serve to put customer’s satisfaction first. We serve our clients with first priority. That means not only being always and directly accessible but also having the advan-tage as a small business to be very flexible and agile.



We want to contribute to the success of your business by offering you practical, hands-on experience in various fields and industries. Our expertise will contribute that your business is developing.



Not only with words but with tangible value.


  • As we take on board of directors responsibility on a selective basis we ensure that we will be accessible outside the defined schedule and on a short term basis as needed.
  • Through our extensive international network we are able and willing to bring other experts or investors to the table if needed and as needed.
  • We invest our most precious good in your business: our time.

Many projects require a very quick turnaround, which we can deliver. Your company’s success is at the heart of our aspiration. We want to add value to your strategic development by drawing on our +40 year-long experience in various sectors and geographies. All our effort circle around your need and our dedicated focus will be a strong contributor to the overall success of your business. 



Sometimes, situations arise that need immediate, dedicated and concentraded attention. Through our own operational experience, we know what's important. We know the steps from development to implementation from our own experience.


With real hands-on support from which you can benefit.


  • To identify suitable paths to solution.
  • To get in contact with talents and investors that can contribute to a solution.
  • To drive projects to success by supporting to create a strategy, business/financing plan and investment case, as well as the implementation.



The journey to becoming a great leader starts here. The leaders of today and tomorrow need to be skilled technically, emotionally and adaptable.


To develop these qualities to build capabilities and leadership.


  • Increase the capacity for excellence.
  • Increase employee engagement & satisfaction.
  • Create an environment of innovation.
  • Build up positive intelligence & mental muscles.
  • Create greater resiliency
    (kognitiv, emotional and body resiliency).


4800 Zofingen


+41 79 750 1564


Iris Maria Welten

Over 20 years International experience in the U.S., Asia and Europe in large stock exchange listed companies in leading Group Corporate functions, as CEO and Board member. Experience in 6 industries, management of 9 units and leadership of 8 country representatives.

Harry Welten

Over 20 years international experience as banker in the U.S. and Switzerland. CFO, Chairman and Board member in life sciences. Raised more than CHF 320 mio. through venture capital rounds, M&A, IPO and capital markets in Europe and the U.S.. Experience in Biotech, Pharma and Med Tech.



In-depth & hands-on experience

  • Strategy development
  • Shareholder structure & activism & proxy voting
  • Corporate governance
  • Change management
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Public management
  • Investor relations &  Communications
  • Fund raising in equity (IPO, PIPE, follow-on, etc.)
  • Fund raising in public (bond) and private (loans) debt
  • M&A and restructuring
  • NASDAQ and SIX listing
  • Start-up coaching
  • Risk management
  • Corporate finance & legal
  • IT & human resources